Fern is one of the hottest blondes you will ever have the chance of meeting. She can provide a Miami erotic massage as well as some unforgettable companionship. She is a sexy blonde who cannot wait to spend one on one time with you and this Florida-bred girl oozes sex appeal. She’s a high class escort who is available days, nights, and weekends.

  • Age: 24
  • Height/Weight/Bust: 5’7” / 124 pounds / 36D
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Nationality: American

Meet the Hot & Sexy Fern

When it comes to escorts in Boca Raton, you are going to be impressed by Fern. She takes excellent care of her slim body, and has some sensational curse to show off. She is busty, and very comfortable in her skin. She isn’t shy about showing off, and does so frequently. She has been asked to model on more than one occasion, though prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Fern was born in Florida and chose to move to South Florida several years ago. She would like to go to college, though she hasn’t decided what she wants to major in. Until she decides, she is having the time of her life, trying out all sorts of new things. She is definitely one of the most adventurous escorts Miami Beach has ever seen – and we absolutely love her.

She is hot and sexy and always up for something new. She tends to be an adrenaline junkie, and this has gotten her into some fun trouble on more than one occasion. She loves to spend time out on boats on the Atlantic Ocean, as well as going wave running. Any time that she has a chance to spend time on the beach, she takes it. She also has quite the collection of gorgeous swimsuits, often bikinis that show off her tan skin. Seeing her show off can be quite the show for you, too.

When it Comes to Escorts, Miami Beach is the Best

Fern isn’t your average escort in Miami and this is because she offers so much more than just companionship. If you are looking for an erotic massage, she can be the one to give it to you. She has experience with the NURU massage style, which involves not only hands but the whole body. She will wear a gorgeous bikini and use oil to be able to work the tension out of muscles. She says that this is one of the most exciting things that she has ever done, and always looks forward to taking care of clients when they are stressed.

You can count on this gorgeous blonde to show you around all of what Miami has to offer. The two of you can hit the town, and she can show you just how well she dances at one of the hottest clubs. She can also keep you entertained if the two of you decide to spend the night in your hotel room. Whether you want to start off with an erotic massage or end with one, it’s certainly going to be a memorable experience.

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