Dana is a southern girl who loves nature. More importantly, she loves to spend time on the beach. This blonde beauty is flirtatious and seductive. She can provide a NURU massage in Miami and so much more as a way of showing you a good time throughout South Florida. She’s all about having fun and has a few hidden talents she may be willing to show you.

  • Age: 24
  • Height/Weight/Bust: 5’5” / 118 pounds / 34C
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Nationality: American

Meet Dana, One of the Sexiest Escorts in South Florida

Dana is a blonde with a petite frame and a great curvy figure. She has an ample bust, a flirty smile, and a very innocent look to her. Men seem to flock to her wherever she goes and this is fine by her! She is not in any big hurry to settle down. She’s having too much fun living life in the now, where she can be the center of attention.

This exquisite girl is from Florida and this means she is used to the Florida sun. She has lived in and around South Florida her entire life. When you want to meet escorts South Beach is definitely the place to be – and that’s where you’re going to find Dana.

She loves dancing to the house electro at the various nightclubs. She also loves going out on boats and feeling the wind from the Atlantic Ocean in her hair. She can help you to add some fun into your life as your companion day or night so you don’t have to wander the city on your off time alone.

Explore NURU Massage in Miami & More

You’re going to want to see what Dana has to offer when it comes to booking her for companionship. Take advantage of a NURU massage in Miami as this is something she excels at. She uses her entire body to provide a massage so you can experience a tension relieving massage that is unlike anything else. Forget about Swedish or deep tissue – Dana wants to use more than her hands with a NURU massage.

She learned about NURU massage from friends over a year ago and when they told her all about it, she was hooked. Now, when she wears a bikini to provide a massage, she loves every moment of it – just as her clients like you will.

Massage isn’t the only thing this blonde beauty is good at. She also enjoys spending time with men, providing companionship, and being sexy arm candy. She has been known to be a party girl and she has entertained at bachelor parties on more than one occasion. Dana doesn’t care whether you are on vacation or want a break from a business trip. If you want to have fun, then she wants to provide the entertainment.

Start off with a NURU massage and let things happen naturally from there. Book for an hour or book for longer and she will see to it that there is a smile on your face before the night is over. A sensual massage can be just what you need to feel like a new man and she is the talented little vixen to give it to you. Call now so you can book with Dana – you may be able to meet her later tonight.