Julie is an outgoing brunette Miami escort that you absolutely want to meet. She is outgoing, flirtatious, and so much fun to be around. She can ensure that you have a grand time throughout South Florida by keeping you entertained, which includes giving you a sensual massage you will never forget.

  • Age: 25
  • Height/Weight/Bust: 5’6” / 121 pounds 36D
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Nationality: American

The Gorgeous Julie

Julie is a sexy brunette who is all about having fun and living in the moment. She has a great figure, with an all-natural bust. She spends a lot of time soaking up the sun on the beach, and this is evident with her tan complexion. She keeps in shape with yoga, and absolutely loves to show off her body in costumes, bikinis, and sometimes nothing at all.

She isn’t the kind of girl who takes herself too seriously. She laughs easily, and is always looking for the next party. She finds it simple to talk to men of all ages and nationalities. She was born here in Florida, and dreams of traveling. When her clients come from other parts of the globe, she is always eager to hear the stories so that she can figure out where she wants to go once she has enough money saved.

The gorgeous Julie truly looks as though she has been a model her entire life. She has great posture, incredible curves, and it will not be easy to forget her. She may be dancing through your dreams long after the two of you have met – but first you need to call to be able to book time with her.

Flirty and Fun Miami Escort

You deserve to have some fun with escorts. Ft Lauderdale has a lot to offer, and Julie as well aware of all of the sites. She has lived in South Florida her entire life, and is currently working to put herself through college. She has no idea what she wants to be “when she grows up” – though she is having the time of her life by meeting men from all over the world right now.

She absolutely loves to role play, and her favorite is as a French maid. However, she is always up for a new challenge, and loves to take special requests from her clients. Julie has a large collection of costumes to help her with role playing, and this can definitely be an icebreaker when the two of you meet for the first time. She can also help you to relax with a massage that is sure to help you relax – and possibly invigorate you so that you can feel refreshed to return to work.

She knows exactly how to make you feel at ease, and is quite chatty. She is a high class Miami escort you are bound to enjoy, and she can provide companionship 24/7. More importantly, she can provide the flirty fun that you have been searching for in Miami. When you want to go out on the town throughout the entire South Florida coast, she knows where to go and what to do in order to make sure that you create some incredible memories.

Book now and you may have the pleasure of spending as much time with Julie as you could possibly desire.